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 NO Organic Solvent – NO Acetone – NO Phenols – NO Toluene – Just Laboratory Tested Pure  99% DCA Sodium Dichloroacetate

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We offer a Pure Quality product at a low price.

All DCA powder and capsules come Foil Sealed including a ‘Child Proof’ Top, and a ‘keep fresh’ desiccant packet in each bottle.

We offer a Laboratory Tested ~99% product at an excellent price. Dichloroacetic acid is a chemical compound – an acid. The salts and esters of Dichloroacetic acid are called Dichloroacetate. The Dichloroacetic acid is of a highly acidic nature and requires to be buffered to reduce the acidity to an acceptable PH (around 7.0 on the PH scale). After minor processing the salts (dry white powder) is called a Dichloroacetate, it is this product we name Sodium Dichloroacetate

Available in 500mg and 330mg Vegetarian Capsules and Powder Form

Pharma-DCA.com a part of the A.W.P. Group of Companies are based in the UK. We produce our own DCA Sodium Dichloroacetate using only crystal clear 99+% Dichloroacetic Acid ensuring a premium product. Following strict quality control procedures and manufacturing processes, our product is of the highest quality and used worldwide by many laboratories and Institutions.





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